In-person workshops 2022

Drawing on a broad and in-depth training in Clown theatre and Physical comedy with master teachers from around the world, Laugh Lab presents two workshop programmes for 2022 and beyond.

To book a workshop or further information please contact Artie here.

These workshops are designed to be accessible for everyone, regardless of their background in performance. Artie has experience directing and working with professional companies, and would be more than happy to discuss tailoring a workshop to your needs.

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A fast-paced introductory workshop  designed to welcome participants to the world of clown training, through fun and enjoyable exercises, drawing on contemporary and traditional styles, that introduce tropes and characteristics of the clown craft.

10am - 1pm or 3 hours


This workshop is for anyone with a curiosity about what makes them funny, ridiculous and free.

Clowns embrace failure, and turn perceived weaknesses into superpowers.

By the end of the day,  you will have a clown routine up your sleeve, ready to pull out at parties and events with friends and families.


You will feel more confident, self-aware, and have a good basis of understanding of clown - but most importantly, have had heaps of fun and laughter.

Just bring yourself and a bottle of water. The red noses are provided.

10am - 4pm or 5 hours

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